8 Must-See Films on a Valentine’s Day

5 min readFeb 13, 2021


For the annual love day, we’ve compiled a list of romance movies from various genres that we think you should include in your film bucket list to watch cuddled up next to your loved one.

1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy (2018–2020)

Genre: Teen Rom-com
Country: USA
If a feel-good, charming teen rom com with just the right amount of cheesiness, Netflix has graced us with an abundant supply of teen flicks adapted from romance YA books to choose from. A trilogy you should not miss is the story about how old love letters and a meddling little sister brought together an unsuspecting couple, Lara Jean and Peter Kravinsky. If you haven’t seen the first two films, To All the Boys I Loved Before and To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, get binging because Netflix has just released the final instalment, To All the Boys: Forever and Always.

2. A Secret Love (2020)

Genre: Documentary
Country: USA
When we celebrate love on the 14th, we celebrate ALL kinds of love — even those that are kept in secret. A Secret Love is a heartwarming documentary that explores the life of two women Terry Donahue, a former professional baseball player and her partner Pat Henson, now in their 60s, as they hid their love and affection for each other from their families and the rest of the world for about 7 decades. In the background of a time when gay and lesbian couples were disapproved and shunned by the community, they tell their love story and how it withstood the test of time and discrimination.

3. Be with You 지금 만나러 갑니다 (2018)

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Country: Korea
Soo-ah makes a promise before she dies to her husband and son to return on a rainy day one year later. Surprisingly, she really appears, but without any memory from the past. The film captures light-hearted and bitter moments allowing the audience to indulge into the story and experience the beautiful and heartbreaking moments with the characters themselves.

4. The Road to Mandalay《再見瓦城》(2016)

Genre: Drama
Country: Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar
Lien Ching and A-Kuo meet as two illegal Burmese migrants when they smuggle themselves to Thailand, and A-Guo falls in love with Lien Ching at first sight. Lien Ching becomes desperate in search of a legal work permit, and A-Guo helps her throughout her difficult times.

5. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 時をかける少女 (2006)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Country: Japan
Any anime fan would know this iconic film. High-school girl Makoto suddenly acquires the power to travel back in time. She redoes things she regrets and realises she hurts others by doing so. At the same time, her feelings towards one of her best friends, Chiaki develops.

6. Before Sunrise (1995)

Genre: Drama
Country: USA, Austria
Opposites attract in this unconventional romance drama film where a cynical Jesse meets a romantic Céline on a Viennese train. In just one transformative night, they have a deep and passionate conversation and fall in love. It’s a simple story that focuses on the discourse between two people who are drawn together, depicting a more a realistic picture of a “Meet-cute”.

7. An Autumn’s Tale《秋天的童話》(1987)

Genre: Drama
Country: Hong Kong, USA
Jennifer Lee travels to New York City to pursue her studies with her boyfriend Vincent Chan. She meets Samuel Pang, her distant relative, who provides her with accommodation. Things become stirred up when Lee finds out Chan already has a new girlfriend, and develops a close relationship with Pang.

8. Casablanca (1942)

Genre: War Drama
County: USA
“We’ll always have Paris.” It’s an oldie but a goodie. Casablanca is one of those films you have to watch before you die. It features true, deep-rooted love and sacrifice. Set in the beginnings of WWII, Rick Blaine, an American expatriate, runs a nightclub in Casablanca that harbours a hidden agenda. His club is frequented by refugees trying to escape to America. One day, an old flame shows up in his club — Ilsa. However, she is now married to Laszlo, a Czechoslovak underground leader. Ilsa and Rick rekindle their romance and hatch a plan to escape together.

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