We’ve picked our favourite episodes from Netflix’s animated anthology, diving deep into the story’s themes and morals.

Netflix’s hit sci-fi animated anthology series was followed by second volume released earlier in May. Just like the the first season, each episode dives into the various themes, philosophies and “what if?” theories surrounding love, death and technological advancements. After carefully, digesting all 8 episodes, we’ve picked our top favourites you certainly can’t miss.

1. Pop Squad

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring as a Buddhist Film

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring is set in a monastery floating on a remote lake surrounded by mountains and vegetation. The use of long shots and the bird’s eye view/God’s eye view amplifies its isolation. The mixed use of closed framing, vibrant natural colours and the peaceful music attribute to the calmness and simplicity of the place, and these visual and auditory imagery presents a tranquil and hypnotic vision of natural life. This type of distant shots that frames everyday actions can illustrate the relation between characters and the environment and can also stress the pure visual awe and…

1. Donna Sheridan-Carmichael

Film: Mamma Mia! (2008)
Portrayed by: Merryl Streep

Mamma mia! Isn’t Donna the most hardworking and devoted mother in the entire island of Calacary? She manages a hotel on the verge of breaking down while raising a beautiful daughter all on her own. Her resilience, and dedication is inspiring, proving that she doesn’t need a man to get her through in life. All Sophie needs is her mother by her side.


Directors and Their Collaborators

Director Alfred Hitchcock (left) and Composer Bernard Herrmann (right)

Besides the actors, the directors are often the most recognized member of the film-making team. You can often spot their names on the title sequence or the opening credits with the labels “A film by…” or “A …film”, thereby giving them a symbolic ownership over the film. Apart from creative directing, a director’s key skill is collaboration.

To ensure that they capture top-quality footage and realise their vision for the film, they have to communicate and work with the other essential creative members of the film-making crew, such as screenwriters, editors, actors to name a few. In fact, all of…

Film cuts or cinematic cuts are a quintessential part of film editing in the post-production process. They are used in transitioning from one scene to another and is an integral part in the narrative structure of a film. Let’s take a look at the different cuts used in today’s films.

1. The Content Cut

Definition: Cut to a new shot within a scene only to add new information or carry the story forward. One can see it as a progression of the narrative
Shot 1: Wide shot of the character speaking
Shot 2: Over-the-shoulder shot of the character speaking
Shot 3: Close-up shot of the character speaking

⚠️Warning — Spoilers Ahead!

Compared to the recent animated films Pixar has released, Soul appeals to an older demographic with mature themes like the importance of living and tackling the profound question of the meaning of life.

How the Narrative Structure contributes to the theme — Want vs. Need

Soul utilizes a “Want vs. Need” structure wherein the conflict lies in the internal struggle of what the protagonist wants and what he actually needs.

How do filmmakers use different lighting techniques to set the scene?

Lighting is a quintessential part of filmmaking in visually setting the mood and atmosphere of a film, which oftentimes define the genre of the film. It’s a powerful tool that can direct the audience’s eye to a part of a scene, a specific actor or prop and even reflect the emotions and personality of a character.

Lost in Translation (2003)

Three-point lighting

The three-point lighting system, developed in the studio era in Hollywood, is the basic and most commonly-used lighting technique in films today. It consists of three light sources:

How the Role and Characterization of Men Contribute to Thelma and Louise as a Feminist Film

Being one of the most popular portrayals of feminism in the film industry, Thelma and Louise was released in 1991, when the transition between the second-wave and third-wave feminism took place. Even so, the film may have produced parallels within characters that contrasts each other and raise the controversy of whether the film is feminist or anti-feminist.

Men as the Violent Figure

Characterizing men as violent figures can amplify the physical fragility of women. For example, Darryl is characterized as a dominating man, as…

The Five Stages of Film Production

As a film lover, ever wondered how a film is produced? Filmmaking requires more work than you can imagine, not to mention the manpower it requires. Let us take a glance at the stages of filmmaking!

Stage 1 — Development

This stage can also be viewed as the “birth” of a film concept. It is when ideas for films evolve, discovered, and decided. Creative Executives from Film Studios discuss subject matters they wish to explore.

What Happens?
- Purchasing Rights: Including and not limited to articles, bestselling novels, plays, remaking older films, stories with some basis in real…

For the annual love day, we’ve compiled a list of romance movies from various genres that we think you should include in your film bucket list to watch cuddled up next to your loved one.

1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before Trilogy (2018–2020)

Genre: Teen Rom-com
Country: USA
If a feel-good, charming teen rom com with just the right amount of cheesiness, Netflix has graced us with an abundant supply of teen flicks adapted from romance YA books to choose from. A trilogy you should not miss is the story about how old love letters and a meddling little sister brought together an unsuspecting couple, Lara Jean and Peter Kravinsky…


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