Breaking Down a Genre: Romantic Comedies

The Rom-Com Formula

  1. Introducing the Boy and the Girl: we get a glimpse of the protagonist and his or her love interest in their own private lives.
  2. The “Meet-Cute”: Here is when Boy finally meets Girl in a serendipitous and memorable manner.
  3. Love Grows: The couple falls deeper in love with each other. Usually the part were a montage plays.
  4. The Turn: A conflict or obstacle arises that threatens to break up the couple.
  5. The (Temporary) Break-up: their differences successfully separate the couple but only for awhile
  6. Happily ever after: Couple overcomes their differences, resolve their issues, realise that their true love lies within one another, a sort of grand gesture is performed. Film concludes with a fairytale ending.

The Genre Timeline

Common Characteristics of a Rom-Com

Characters — The Usually Polar Opposite Protagonists

Characters — The Best Friend(s)

Plot — The Contrived Encounter(s) (the “meet cute”)

Plot — The Reencounter

Plot — Leading One Another On

Plot — The Exit and Chase

Plot — The Happily Ever After

Chick Flick

Modern Rom-coms



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