Review: Eternals


An astounding consensus amongst critics is that the most meritable aspect of the film is its captivating visuals and cinematography. The film takes place in multiple locations and time periods. The establishing shots and wide shots that introduces a new location and correspondingly a new character were stunning and almost ethereal, whether it’s the picturesque rocky canyons where Ikaris and Sersi share many romantic moments, or the barren middle of nowhere desert Thena (Angelina Jolie) and Gilgamesh (Ma Dong-Seok) calls home, or the flawless beach where the climactic fight takes place. Chloe Zhao’s signature is undeniably evident.

Diversity, Diversity, Diversity

Eternals commendably included diverse representation of cultures from different parts of the world in regards to history, legends and pop culture. The film boasts and fully embraces diversity in many ways. Not only does it feature a massively diverse cast with actors of varying ethnicity, including, Indian, American, British, Chinese, Scottish, Irish, Spanish, the film was also presents an openly gay superhero, Phastos, portrayed by Brian Tyree Henry.

A Mediocre Story

Before diving into the shortcomings in the plot of Eternals, we must applaud the film for its themes. Marvel superhero films often follow the personal journey and endeavours of the heroic protagonist. However, this film is unique in the sense that it explores ideas of existentialism and questions such as “To what extent do heroes play God?” and the scruples of interfering with the fate of humanity. All of which is refreshing to see in a superhero flick.

Underrated Side Characters

There are minor characters that should’ve been given more attention or the very least more screen time. It’s unfortunate that Deviants and even Jon Snow, I mean, Dane Whitman, portrayed by Kit Harrington, are somewhat sidelined.



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