Troop Zero — “Here” the Misfits

“Zero’s the number of infinity.” — Christmas Flint

Troop Zero as a Whole

1. Christmas Flint

“My name is Christmas Flint. I am a human female. Sometimes I pee myself when I get nervous. I don’t know why. I don’t want to. I just want to tell you… I hope… …hope you live a good life. And I hope you have a friend. I hope you got everything I got.” — Christmas Flint

2. Joseph

3. Hell-No

Out of the 5 children, the one who drew The Film Post’s attention most is Hell-No. Here’s why:

“How we’re all headed for the boneyard, so what’s the difference? Burning everything down so I don’t have to look at nothing pretty, ’cause none of that for me.” — Hell-No
“One night, in the pouring rain, a girl hears on the radio, “Lock the doors. There’s a maniac!” And all that was left of her… was her hand, scratching at the door. And when she came out, she never spoke again, and her hair was bright white.” — Hell-No
“What Mr. Dwayne is saying is life ain’t about winning. I mean, it is for some — for those who win. But for the rest of y’all… the trick is to endure. Not let the kicks and the nasty words keep you down. Then you wake up one day, and you’ll be the last one standing.” — Ramsey Flint
“Smash gets to come, too… Smash get all the cookies she wants.” — Hell-No
“I never wanted anything, and I was fine! Why’d you do this to me? I was happy before this. I was happy before I thought I could talk to anyone or be permanent. Why’d you make me so unsatisfied?” — Hell-No

4. Smash

Smash gains the badge of fixing things, as she fixes a radio. Now, the radio is a strong symbol. Christmas believes that “sound waves travel out into the universe”. That’s right. Radios produce sound waves. (In fact, Dr. Persad records the messages by using a radio cassette) In other words, radios in this film might represent the bridge of communication as a whole.

“Smash, I figure you take things apart, you might be able to put ’em back together.”

5. Anne-Claire

One-eyed Anne-Claire symbolises the physically disabled. Ever wondered why she is characterized as the visually impaired? Perhaps it’s because they have been TURNED A BLIND EYE TO. In recent years, feminism and the LGBTQ+ communities have been popular topics talked about, but not the physically disabled.

6. Miss Massey and Rayleen’s Friendship in a Glance

Symbols Summary

1. Aliens (See Christmas Flint)
2. Birdie Rule Book ( Rayleen and Massey)
3. Radio (See and Hell-No & Smash)
4. Eye (See Anne-Claire)



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